Do you have everything you could want but still feel somewhere inside that you are here for something more?

If you are a spiritual seeker open to deeper learning I can help you find your true purpose and discover an amazing new truth.

Download my book, The Dream we Call Earth, discover why your spiritual journey has only just begun and the true nature of personal reality.

My mind is blown!  What an amazing workshop and such a great day.  I have attended so many trainings but this one really hit the mark.


Marcel Rojers

“I love this book and so will anyone on a spiritual path. Written with a light touch this is spiritual masterpiece for our times, the journey into the multi-dimensional nature of who you are in this and other lifetimes and beyond”


Just when you thought your mind was open and expanded enough along comes David and his training to take it to a new level.

You will be amazed, delighted and so pleased to work with David


Julie Edwards