Welcome to 3 Essential Steps for Conscious Creation Success in Your Life

Welcome to this post where I want to explore some key ideas that I know can liberate you and transform your life.

Firstly,  I wanted to take a few moments to understand the role you have chosen and the goal of conscious creation in your life.  I hope this will enable you to take the steps below more easily.

What is your role as a conscious creator? I would suggest that is is to create the reality you choose CONSCIOUSLY using your emotional, spiritual and mental energy and to use physical reality as the mirror, the reflection of your creative process.  If you can embrace that role, your life will take a seismic shift and will place you in a creative process that will be natural, challenging but liberating. 

The goal of a conscious creator? To fully accept and actualise our natural ability to create events they want.   To fully understand our true immortal nature and the manner in which we create our own reality.   Embracing THIS goal in your life will open doors of understanding and awareness that will your move your whole focus in life to a more natural, loving and abundant one.

3 Core Concepts That Rule Your Life and Can Help You Be Healthier, Wealthier and Happier. 

Over the last 20 years of teaching this material, this huge subject, I can pick a number of core understandings that are the cornerstone teachings and will enable anyone to become the conscious creator they are born to be.

If you consider it enough, you will realise that your experience is driven by several CORE ideas, like time, health, safety, your role in your life and many more. It is 3 of these core ideas I hope to stir up in you, to help you release yourself from the grips of any suffering or haphazard and painful experiences.

In this post, we will cover just 3 core concepts that any seeker or spiritual adventurer will need to approach if they have any chance of becoming the conscious creator that is their birthright. The concepts are yours by nature to actualise in your life.

1: Creating a Safe and Nurturing Reality

As much as you may not believe it,  you are safely held within a reality that is nurturing and loving.  Right now your beliefs may create a reality where you cannot consider this to be true but still with some mental re-organisation you can come to see the truth of a loving reality.

To create the loving and nurturing reality we all want,  we must venture inward and explore ideas of safety on a personal and mass level, enabling us to remove the drama on life and the uncomfortable sense of being in a life that is outside of our control   

You can never create a personal reality without pain and suffering if you believe that pain and suffering is an essential part of the human experience. Embracing ideas of safety, even if they initially do not feel possible WILL result in a life with less suffering and pain for yourself and the wider world.   If you want to see a world that embraces love and kindness, explore your own ideas first.

Step One: Accept that you are safe despite everything you feel and see right now, this is true.   I PROMISE you, with some effort, this will become true for you.   ( I do not lock my house, car and having only the insurance demanded by law) 

2: Health, Wellness and Time

Your health is under your control and although we all have ideas about health, you will see that entrenched ideas about of time are also causing issues within your lives is one of the main villains here.   It is possible to create health ONLY when you realize that it is your beliefs about time itself that is one of the main causes of the health issues that you suffer. 

Time ie equated with health in so many ways in our society. Youth is seen as healthy, bright and filled with exuberance whereas time is also associated heavily with ageing, decay and suffering. In the truest sense, your body doe not know what time it so it may be time to stop programming it with limiting and damaging ideas.  Your thoughts about the effects of time literally CREATE many of the illnesses you suffer.

You are programming your body consciousness with your beliefs about it. If you believe that when the weather gets colder you will ‘catch’ a cold then you will..but you don’t have to just as your health does not have to deteriorate as you appear to get older and you do not have to be ill at all. Crazy ideas fo so many people.

Step 2:  Begin to separate your ideas about time with health.

3: Your Reality Reflects You Completely

This is a core understanding that you will need to embrace completely if you are willing to. Only when you take complete and full responsibility for your reality will you unlock your creative powers to create the experience you want. If you are denying any experience as your creation and making the mistake of becoming the victim of it, you are stopping your ability to become a conscious creator in every other area.

As troubling as that may seem if you believe in any way that your thoughts affect your experience you are far better to embrace ALL of your experience as your creation. In doing so you gain abilities that until that point will have been denied. No matter what your experience is so far, you have the ability to change your future only when you fully embrace each and every part of your life.

Your reality reflects you..once you accept that completely you will be able to change it for the better.  it is time to take it all on..and in doing so you win the game.

Step 3: Accept fully that your reality is a direct and true reflection of your beliefs, desires, fears and expectation.

Now I know from my own journey and experience that these are complex ideas, multi-layered and very emotional for many so please reach out if you need help.  The rewards of working with these concepts will be beyond your imagination until you take the journey but first you must explore your ideas and restore yourself to the natural, safe and the conscious creator you are.

In another post I will explore how and why you create your own reality…another MAJOR understanding you must embrace to liberate yourself.

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with love