“The intellect, then, can and does form strong paranoid tendencies when it is put into the position of believing that it must solve all problems alone — or nearly — and certainly when it is presented with any picture of worldwide predicaments. The rational approach, built up around this framework, insists that the best way to solve a problem is to concentrate upon it, to project its effects into the future, to ruminate upon its consequences, to stare at the bare facts head on. This brings about an atmosphere in which the problem is compounded.”

“True creativity comes from enjoying the moments, which then fulfill themselves, and a part of the creative process is indeed the art of relaxation, the letting go, for that triggers magical activity…”

“The old beliefs, of course, and the rational approach, are everywhere reinforced, and so it does have a great weight. The magical approach has far greater weight, if you use it and allow yourselves to operate in that fashion, for it has the weight of your basic natural orientation.”

“It is not that you overuse the intellect as a culture, but that you rely upon it to the exclusion of all other faculties in your approach to life.”

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