About David Marshall

At the age of three years old David found himself staring at his body in the bed below, amazed to be conscious, aware and able to move around the room OUTSIDE of his physical body!    After this ‘rude awakening’ to the nature of consciousness David’s life course was set.

This experience and others like it continued throughout his life from that early age and have allowed him a unique approach to everyday life and spiritual development.  One that he shares in his courses and trainings.

With that and countless other deeply spiritual experiences, David brings insights and training to spiritual seekers wanting to understand their true purpose and experience their ability to create the life they want.

Over the years David has been amazed at the lack of truly practical spiritual development in the new age and how so many teachers lacked any actual experience of their spiritual nature.  All too often spiritual seekers left courses and other teachers more confused than when they arrived.

With direct spiritual experience, David makes sure that all of the teachings, no matter how deep, offer practical benefits in everyday life.

Having opened one of the first dedicated healing centres in the UK in 1996 and working as a healer and teacher full-time, David has used his personal experience to create a number of training courses specifically designed to awaken the spiritual seeker to greater awareness of their true purpose and abilities.

David has authored 4 books inspired by his experiences and taught thousands of students.

You Can Transform Your Life Just as I Have

Although I have had the benefit of so many spiritual experiences I have had many, many challenges to deal with in my life…it has been anything but a bed of spiritual roses!!   People generally believe that my spiritual experiences have led to an easy life, they are very wrong.

To be honest trying to integrate myself into a physical world after a childhood where I more comfortable out of my body has been a challenge, however strange that may seem to you.

So I can tell you with complete honesty that f I can do it you can.  Although I cannot express my whole journey I can promise you that I have worked my way through very dark and difficult times and if I can face my responsibilities and come out the other side so you can.

Maybe when we meet I can share more of my story.   

If I have learned anything working, coaching, teaching and living the ideas I want to share with you I promise you life can be better but you must start where you are, right here, right now.

You need to start in your life, in your creation, in your beliefs, ideas and the expectations that energetically drive reality to create the experiences in your life.

I did and you can.

I have worked my way through a challenging family upbringing as my spiritual awareness grew, brought up 3 amazing children with various challenges that I will not go into here out of respect for them, worked through bankruptcy, been in and out of relationships, created illness and cured myself and been in business for myself for 20 years all trying to use what I learnt in everyday life and although I failed many times in my use of a ‘magical approach’ to life I also succeed to learn what I needed and now have created a safe, relaxed and abundant life.

Do I still have challenges (not all bad of course) to face, understand and work through? Yes, I do but I know how to approach these now and how to create a safe universe in which I can learn how to play with consciousness.

Personally working through addictions, depression, financial issue and finding my place in a world that seemed so foreign to me from an early age I can tell you that you can change your life as I have.

Reality is not set or physical in any way.  You have the power to change but you need to know how to access it and how to use it.