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Welcome to this page where I am delighted to share my first and most popular book about the nature of reality and the next phase in spiritual development with you. Download the book below and I hope you enjoy it. thankyou, David


“It is magical and such a simple, easy flowing read – concepts are wound in beautifully and reinforced and left me feeling uplifted, alive, connected and like there is so much more as we know there is. Thanks for allowing me to read this. It is a beautiful piece of writing.” Vicki – Oz

“When I started to read The Dream We Call Earth I was riveted! It reminded me of ‘The Shack’ by Wm Paul Young. It has the same feel about it and the same beautiful truth! We are all much more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

From this truth each one of us can co-create anything we desire, and we can have heaven on earth. My belief is that this will be so – if we step up to the decision and personal responsibility to create this. In line with this, David Marshall’s words resonate strongly for me and remind me that only love exists, with fear being a mere illusion created by the mind.

If you want to experience more of a flavour of who you really are at your core, then read this story!” Jo Peace

“I love this book and so will anyone on a spiritual path. Written with a light touch this is spiritual masterpiece for our times, the journey into the multi-dimensional nature of who you are in this and other lifetimes and beyond” Laura

“If you are looking for an amazing story that touches your soul and shares the latest spiritual knowledge get this book! I loved it.  Thank you David”   Claire