If your life still not where you want it to be but you still love the idea of the law of attraction this podcast will help.

There are two fundamentally different approaches to reality creation, the intellectual rational and the magical.

To upgrade your life and understand your purpose you need to understand more about how reality works and your real powers.   If you are still struggling to get any real traction in your life you are still too embedded in the rational, intellectual approach and you need to make a shift.

It is time to get honest and admit that the law of attraction in its present form and NOT DELIVERED you the life you want so it is time to go deeper.

Until now we have focused on the rational approach to problem solving and reality creation but this was is limiting and is causing the damage we see in our reality. The magical approach is the natural and more powerful way to know yourself and create the life you want which is what this website is a fundamentally about.

Here is a great quote about the two ways to approach life:

“We are indeed dealing with two entirely different approaches to reality and to solving problems — methods we will here call the rational method and the magical one. The rational approach works quite well in certain situations, such as mass production of goods, or in certain kinds of scientific measurements — but all in all the rational method, as it is understood and used, does not work as an overall approach to life, or in the solving of problems that involve subjective rather than objective measurements or calculations.

The magical approach has far greater weight, if you use it and allow yourselves to operate in that fashion, for it has the weight of your basic natural orientation.”

In the podcast I talk about:
1: Trust and relaxation
2: Believing in the goodness of reality
3: Relaxed expectation
4: Complete acceptance of nature of reality
5: The use of suggestion and emotional energy
6: Trusting INNER reality (framework 2)
7: Why fun speeds up the creative process
8: The inner senses and how I use them
9: Taking action in framework 1
10: Probabilities and why you need to know about them
10: How I follow the breadcrumbs to my creations

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