What I know to Be True Through Personal Experience

1: I know like me you never die, you are as dead now as you will ever be and through my continued personal experience I know that to be true for me and you.   I also know that these experiences are open to you just as they are to me.

2: The new age may be holding you back!  it is time to get beyond the hype and take a deeper dive into who you are. With 50 years of actual experience of the deepest spiritual concepts, I can tell you that 90% of new age beliefs and ideas are flawed and actually stopping your spiritual and personal development.  As much as we love the new age, it really can be as limited as any religion and just as damaging.    

3: All illness is preventable and curable.  With 10 years as a full-time healer, I can promise you that you do NOT have to create illness and if you do you can cure it.

4: The law of attraction is a great start but only one small part of the understanding you can here to discover and we need to go deeper.  The truth is if it were the whole picture everyone would be a millionaire..but they are not and that tells us something….we do not have enough information yet.

5:  Physical reality is not physical at all and you are NOT on a planet floating in space which is why all healing, psychic awareness, the law of attraction, placebo, co-incidence actually work.  This is a dream we call earth and I can show you why that is true and how to experience it.

6: You are an immortal creator whose value is limitless and deeper than time itself.  You just need to experience yourself as such to transform your life.

7: Reality leans your way.  Reality by nature leans toward you with love and support.  By it’s very nature reality is actively seeking positive expression and as part of reality, you are the same.  Love, health, abundance, play, and fun are natural parts of all of us and are part of the lost art of conscious creation that is within all of us. 

8: You can create the lifestyle and business you want when you embrace these ideas.  We all need to create income and an online business comes closest to the sense of freedom I feel in my spiritual nature.  By understanding these ideas you can create the business and lifestyle you want in very practical ways.  The spiritual speaks with a physical voice.