The Truth About Reiki (Book)


Based on 10 years as a full time successful natural healer who taught Rieki to 2500 students, this book takes the lid of Reiki, how it works and why it can be misleading and disempowering when taught badly.

This Reiki book looks at each of the aspects of Reiki as it is traditionally taught, exploring the ideas in light of what we understand about the nature of energy today. In light of our modern understandings of energy we can see that many of the Reiki teachings are limited, some are simply incorrect but even though this is the case, this book will show you why an understanding of energy is essential to creating a happy life.

Through exploring the ideas of reiki attunements, reiki symbology, the nature of health and healing and more, this book is essential reading for those interested in creating more fulfilled life. Understanding energy brings a freedom to our lives: showing us that we have the ability to focus our ideas, emotions and energy in new and adventurous ways.


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The Truth about Reiki will show you why the traditional ideas of Reiki should be left behind but it will also show you why we should all learn about Reiki/energy and what these understandings can show us about our true spiritual identity.